Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Major Ice Storm - February 11th, 2008

Damaging winter weather has devastated the SW MO area once again. Ice and sleet blasted in on Monday February 11th, and caused hazardous travel, major tree damage and power outages. From my observation, this was worse than the one that hit January 14th, 2007. The damage and power outages back then may have been worse, but had that 2007 storm not already caused major tree damage and cleared the way, this storm would have done the same and probably worse.

Ice accumulation in the Springfield area was in the neighborhood of one inch or more. Trees took the brunt of the damage this time, and in turn caused power outages in the area. At the JMo homestead, we were without power two times, once during the day for about three hours, and once during the night for about four hours. Springfield schools were canceled February 11th, 12th and word is just in they are also going to be closed on Wednesday February 13th.

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