Saturday, August 30, 2008

Storm Sirens - Do You Know How They Work?

The January 2008 tornadic storms that hit the area brought to light a subject that needs some attention. Once the sirens go off, when is it all clear?

The storms that occurred January 7th and 8th trained through the area, which basically means several storms followed the same path through, some with very little time in between. This caused a worst case scenario for the storm siren subject. Many people I talked to believe that when the sirens go off a second time, that means it's all clear. I HAVE NOT FOUND ONE INSTANCE WHERE THIS IS TRUE. Notice the all caps? That's because it's important to understand. STORM SIRENS DO NOT HAVE AN ALL CLEAR SIGNAL.

I polled several area emergency managers, and some of them were kind enough to respond. Here is what I found out about some of the sirens in SW MO counties:

Christian County:
  • Sirens are controlled at a city level
  • Most of them have 3 minute cycles with no all clear
Greene County:
  • Sirens are activated by Greene County officials
  • Approximately 80 sirens in the Greene County metro area activated by Greene County officials
  • Sirens in Ash Grove, Willard, Battlefield and Strafford activated by Greene County officials
  • Sirens are divided in North, South, West and East quadrants
  • Any section can be turned on independently, or they can be turned on all at once
  • Fair Grove, Walnut Grove, Rogersville and Republic turn on their sirens independently
  • Sirens run for 3 minutes on, 3 minutes off during duration of warning
  • There is no all clear signal given
McDonald County:
  • Sirens stay on for duration of warning
  • No all clear signal given
Dade County:
  • Lockwood, Greenfield, Everton and Arcola sirens sound 2 minutes on, 1 minute off
  • No all clear signal given
So of the few responses I received, the theme is consistent. STORM SIRENS DO NOT HAVE AN ALL CLEAR. If you hear the sirens, you should be taking shelter.

If anyone has information on other counties, please feel free to email me the information.

Friday, August 15, 2008

C.E.R.T. Training In September

There is a C.E.R.T. training coming up in September. In my opinion, C.E.R.T. is a great opportunity for any person or group to become involved in their own safety and protection at the very least, and involved in helping their community at the very most. You don't have to expect to use this training for it to be beneficial to you and your family. Simple things like small fire suppression, how to turn off electricity, and how to prepare for disasters big and small are good for at least one person to know in every household.

With that being said, another round of C.E.R.T. training will take place in September at the Ozark First Baptist Church at 1400 West Jackson St in Ozark, MO. Here is the schedule:

Sept 19th Fri:
6pm - 9pm Unit 1

Sept 20 Sat:
9 - 1130 Unit 2
1130 – 1230 Lunch
1230 - 215 Unit 6
300 – 400 Unit 7

Sept 26 Fri:
600 – 900 Unit 8

Sept 27 Sat:
9 - 1130 Unit 3
1130 – 1230 Lunch
1230 – 300 Unit 4
300 – 530 Unit 5

Contact Ed Hultgren for any questions or to sign up for this training. Ed is a class act, and a good trainer with on the ground experience, so don't miss your opportunity to train with the best.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Storm North of Nixa - Severe Weather Possible

I found out my phone will do panorama images. This is a severe warned thunderstorm north of Nixa at around 8:12pm. Very cool. Heads up for possible severe weather north of I44 tonight and in throughout the SW MO area on Wednesday.

UPDATE: The local Hazardous Weather Outlook for Wednesday 8/6 is calling for severe weather later this afternoon and tonight, with the main threat being isolated wind gusts to 60MPH, d hail to the size of nickels, and torrential rainfall. The Storm Prediction Center's Convective Outlook also mentions the possibility of an isolated tornado or two.

Make sure and have your NOAA All Hazards radio ready.