Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Storm North of Nixa - Severe Weather Possible

I found out my phone will do panorama images. This is a severe warned thunderstorm north of Nixa at around 8:12pm. Very cool. Heads up for possible severe weather north of I44 tonight and in throughout the SW MO area on Wednesday.

UPDATE: The local Hazardous Weather Outlook for Wednesday 8/6 is calling for severe weather later this afternoon and tonight, with the main threat being isolated wind gusts to 60MPH, d hail to the size of nickels, and torrential rainfall. The Storm Prediction Center's Convective Outlook also mentions the possibility of an isolated tornado or two.

Make sure and have your NOAA All Hazards radio ready.


weirdtales said...

Beautiful picture, especially from a phone. What kind of phone?

JMo said...

I know! I was very shocked that my phone did panoramic, and how nice it turned out. It's an HTC PPC 6800.