Friday, August 15, 2008

C.E.R.T. Training In September

There is a C.E.R.T. training coming up in September. In my opinion, C.E.R.T. is a great opportunity for any person or group to become involved in their own safety and protection at the very least, and involved in helping their community at the very most. You don't have to expect to use this training for it to be beneficial to you and your family. Simple things like small fire suppression, how to turn off electricity, and how to prepare for disasters big and small are good for at least one person to know in every household.

With that being said, another round of C.E.R.T. training will take place in September at the Ozark First Baptist Church at 1400 West Jackson St in Ozark, MO. Here is the schedule:

Sept 19th Fri:
6pm - 9pm Unit 1

Sept 20 Sat:
9 - 1130 Unit 2
1130 – 1230 Lunch
1230 - 215 Unit 6
300 – 400 Unit 7

Sept 26 Fri:
600 – 900 Unit 8

Sept 27 Sat:
9 - 1130 Unit 3
1130 – 1230 Lunch
1230 – 300 Unit 4
300 – 530 Unit 5

Contact Ed Hultgren for any questions or to sign up for this training. Ed is a class act, and a good trainer with on the ground experience, so don't miss your opportunity to train with the best.

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