Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tornadoes Devastated OK-KS-MO Area

Multiple large tornadoes devastated the four state area on Saturday, May 10th. One tornado was reportedly 3/4 mile wide. It's going to be a sad Mother's Day on Sunday for many families, after at least 19 people are reported dead. Most of those who did not make it were in Newton County. I expect that number is going to rise as the day goes on.

The hardest hit areas were:
  • Picher, OK
  • Baxter Springs, KS
  • Racine, MO
  • Purdy, MO
  • Newtonia, MO
YouTube video, some of which was shot SW of Joplin according to the poster:

Myself and other spotters were out for this event, and I will post a chase log soon. Right now, I would just like to say my prayers go out to those affected. I'm heartbroken that this storm system has caused this much loss of life.

I'll post more later.

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