Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weather Warrior Get Together

There is a local networking site called Ozarks Weather Fans made up of local weather enthusiasts, including the KSPR weather team. About a month ago, my daughter turned me on to this site, and the KSPR blog and live chat. The local enthusiasts call themselves Weather Warriors, and have had a couple of get togethers so far. She has been waiting patiently to go to the July Weather Warrior get together to meet everyone.

We had a great time at Lamberts with the local Weather Warriors, including the KSPR Weather Team pictured above (I'm the short one!). From left to right Natalie Nunn, Josh DeBerge Kevin Lighty (WX9KSL) are three of the nicest and genuine people you will ever meet. Not to mention their sense of humor... Daniel Brown (KC0SPZ), a Master Control Operator for the station also came, he's a great guy. It was great to meet Mindi and her family, and Gary. I'm anxious for the next get together in September now!

If you're visiting here, I'm fairly certain you're into weather. You should check out the Ozarks Weather Fans site. It gives users an avenue to discuss weather, post photos, etc.

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