Saturday, March 28, 2009

KSPR's Surviving The Storm And Yours Truly

KSPR -33 will be presenting Surviving The Storm on Sunday, April 5th at 5pm. Senior Meteorologist Kevin Lighty dedicated part of this special to SkyWarn. Jim Sellars and I were interviewed and the 3 1/2 minute segment is now on YouTube. Kevin Lighty and team did a great job with this piece, and did great justice to SkyWarn and Amateur Radio. Thanks for not making me look like a dork, Kevin. At least I don't think I look like a dork. I guess you can be the judge.

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Max said...

I just want to state how jealous I am of you guys down in Springfield and the coverage you seem to get via KSPR. None of the locals here in St. Louis do anything near this kind of coverage on Amateur Radio and Skywarn.

Very well done.