Monday, January 7, 2013

Video screen capture of lightning lit tornado
in Republic, MO.  January 7, 2008.
Five years ago today was one of the worst tornado outbreaks I've experienced, and one of the worst is SW MO, especially in the sheer number of tornadoes.  The National Weather Service event review lists "at least" 33 tornadoes.  I have it from a good source that due to the 75+ MPH straight line winds that came through at the end of the event, damage paths were contaminated and that there were very likely even more tornadoes.  In fact, I have evidence of opposing winds at the Cox Rd. and Plainview Rd. intersection in SW Springfield.  I posted a few blog posts about that evening (see below), including a chase log (Jeff Kerr and I).  There, you will find quite a bit of detail, some video and some pictures, including the evidence of a small tornado that was not in the official count.

Please remember that tornadoes can happen any time of the year, and especially in the Spring, which isn't that far away.  If you don't already own a NOAA All Hazards Radio, please get one soon.

Initial post indicating isolated tornadoes...boy was that forecast conservative!

Event overview with link to chase log.

Event update.

Hard safety lesson learned...a post describing an error in judgement.

Excellent "hook echo" example from Republic, MO tornado.

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