Monday, July 2, 2007

June 30, 2007 - Severe Wx

At 2:04 PM a Tornado Warning was issued for Greene County, and at 2:09PM another Tornado Warning was issued for another storm in Stone County. To say I was caught off guard is an understatement, but I moved quickly and headed south to the Highlandville area. At 2:20PM, a Tornado Watch was issued, and at 2:31PM the Tornado Warning for Christian County was issued.

As the storm approached Highlandville (in Christian County), it clearly had slight rotation. The wall cloud was very dynamic. At one point a small beavers tail came off the front of the wall cloud, and from a distance, I am sure it looked like a funnel.

From the time I observed this storm west of 160 highway until it was near Ozark, I never observed a funnel. The storm did have quite a bit of scud clouds associated with it that sometimes gave the appearance of a funnel or even dust cloud from the ground. From a close view of the storm, it did not appear to be anything other than scud.

Other spotters on the storm were KB9YZE (Rich), KC0IQM (Randy), KE4LQW (Terry), and I believe W6OQS (John). If I left anyone out, please let me know. All spotters on the storm were reporting the same observations during the time I was involved. Slight rotation, no funnel. At one point there was a question of possible debris, but the consensus was that it was not. That's what it's all about. Reporting what you see, and questioning what you aren't sure of.

Great work everyone. K0ADI (Rod), thank you for the radar work. KE7ABH (Dave) and N0BFR (Brant) were doing a bangup job on the .490. I didn't get much of a chance to monitor, but I do know that N0XJJ (Bob) and KB0UTW (Ian) were on the northern storm.

--Jeff - KB0WVT


Sniderman said...

As always, thanks to the SKYWARN folks and spotters. You're invaluable.

JMo said...

Thanks. You guys do a bang up job too. I usually don't get to watch too much of it, but I always hear you get the word out and do it well. I hear Ron in there on the radio some. When are you getting your license? :P