Sunday, July 15, 2007

Night Vision: A New Perspective on Storms?

Randy (KC0IQM) was heading home from the spotter training on Sunday night as storms were rolling into the area. While he was messing around with his video camera, he put it in "Night Vision" mode and caught this video looking north from Ozark.


Sniderman said...

@ 945p last night... what held the photogs interest? The storm was falling apart in short order.

Fun trick. I wonder if the board in the cam would fry if a bolt came down right in front of you?

No goggles for night chasers, I guess.

JMo said...

I believe initially he was just messing with the night vision, but while looking North towards the storm saw this silhouette that looked like a wall cloud. Note, he wasn't reporting a wall cloud, but seeing what he did, is pretty interested in what uses night vision may have in store for night spotting.

Yes, if storm spotting ever becomes so safe that I need something to spice it up, I'll throw on night vision goggles and head on down the road. That should make it least until I meet the first car.

Randy said...

No... the night mode board in the camcorder did not fry when the lighting flashed.

That camera is still going strong and has filmed many similar storms in night mode since then.