Sunday, November 16, 2008

Farewell Josh DeBerge

Josh DeBerge, meteorologist at KSPR, has taken a position with FEMA in their External Affairs Division where he will be The Man for media relations during times of disaster in our region. No offense Josh, but we hope we don't see you around here too often, we've had our share of excitement.

Here at OzarkStorms we pride ourselves on feeling the pulse of all things Ozarks weather, so we wanted you to hear it here first. We have exclusive audition video for the next KSPR weather dude. Good luck to Kevin Lighty and Natalie Nunn, you're going to have your hands full...

In all seriousness, I wish the best for your Josh. You're young and talented, and you are going to have an exciting new role with many more to come, as early as you are getting started! These young whippersnappers...always on the move. We're going to miss you around here, take care Josh.

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