Saturday, December 13, 2008

Significant Winter Weather Expected

Freezing rain turning to sleet and snow is expected in
SW MO Sunday into Monday. No one in this area needs to be reminded how
ugly that can be, so please take the time to prepare flashlights,
blankets, water and food. Strong to severe storms cannot be ruled out
Sunday afternoon before the front comes through, however, there is
limited instability, so thelikelihood of severe storms is lower.

Up to date information can be found at the National Weather Service Winter Weather Briefing Page.


Josh Martin said...

What's with all of the winter weather advisories/warnings we've had the last couple of years?

JMo said...

I don't know.

Sometime in the evening go to and join the chat room. That would be a good question to ask in there. One of the meteorologists are usually in there and will give their take on it.

That's an interesting question, because it does seem like there's been an increase.