Monday, February 13, 2012

5/22/11 Joplin Tornado Video - 18 Wheeler

This is video shot from the dash of an 18 wheeler that was eastbound on I-44. The May 22, 2011 Joplin tornado moved northeast as it started through the city, but then took a southeast turn pretty quickly, and crossed over the interstate. It turned this semi over in the process. Watch it all the way through with sound. The roar of the tornado is very intense.

There are a few of things I would like for you to consider abou this video:
  1. Situational Awareness 1: It went from light of day to nighttime darkness in two minutes. If you are in this situation, turn on your radio to local media and make sure there isn't something horrible happening.
  2. Situational Awareness 2: If there are lines of cars on the side of the road stopped, they probably know something you don't. Pull over, and turn on the radio to find out what is going on. It appears this driver did finally pull over, but obviously it wasn't the best location to do so.
  3. This tornado was an EF-5 as it ripped through Joplin with winds over 200 MPH. It weakend to an EF-2/EF-3 as it went over I-44. So when it knocked this semi over, the winds were likely around 140 MPH. If this was the EF-5, there's a good chance this driver wouldn't have survived.
  4. There is no excuse in this day and age to not be alerted about severe weather. There are phone apps that will do the trick when you are mobile. If at home, please remember, no matter what time of year, have a NOAA All Hazards Radio ready to protect you and your family.
Storms can happen year round, but storm season is approaching. Take the time to get ready.

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