Saturday, February 4, 2012

Andy Gabrielson: We Lost One Of The Best.

It's a very sad day in the storm chaser community. Professional Storm Chaser Andy Gabrielson was killed in a head on collision in Oklahoma today, after a vehicle travelling the wrong way on I-44 struck his vehicle and others. If you've ever watched tornado footage on The Weather Channel, you have seen his work. It's been featured there quite a bit, as well as other major media outlets.

Andy was two weeks away from his 25th birthday, and leaves behind a three year old daughter. He was way too young to go. While I didn't know Andy personally, I've known of him for a couple of years, and started following his work closer it the last six months.

In the storm spotter presentation I have done a few times, and often in conversation, I tell people that the biggest risk storm spotting/chasing is the road, not the storm. This just really makes that hit home. Andy has been SO close to so many go out like this is just sad. Especially if initial reports of a drunk driver going the wrong way is what happened.

Andy's family and friends are in my prayers.

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