Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dowtown Atlanta Hit By Tornado

Downtown Atlanta was hit by a tornado last night. It sounds like they were very lucky with 27 reported injuries. The tornado is reported to have hit the Georgia Dome with 18,000 fans inside. Apparently a warning was issued just prior. I don't know how long the Georgia Dome had to warn the fans, but I have posted my thoughts on this type of situation before.

"There was no announcement of the approaching storm for the 18,000 fans inside the Georgia Dome for the Southeastern Conference basketball tournament. The first sign was a rumbling from above and the rippling of the Fiberglas fabric roof. Catwalks swayed and insulation rained down on players during overtime of the Mississippi State-Alabama game, sending fans fleeing toward the exits and the teams to their locker rooms."

Fox News Story

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