Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Winter Storm Update

Well, what a difference a mile or two makes. In Nixa, we had 1.3 inches measured. Here at work in SE Springfield, 3 inches measured. I'm hearing that a few miles West of here 8 inches fell. That's a HUGE difference.

One that that doesn't change between 1 inch and 8 inches, however, is the horrible driving. It's pretty sad to see overturned vehicles on the road with only an inch or two on the ground.

EDIT: Sniderman posted this link in the comments section that shows the snowfall maps from the NWS.



@ Wanda Grey's sledding hills... a bit more than 1.3... I'd go 2 to 3 times that.

Wild stuff.

JMo said...

That is wild. 1.3 was about 2 miles south of 14 along 160. When I heard Brandon say there was 8 inches at the station, I wanted to document what we had on the south edge of Nixa. That was one narrow band of weather!



the map....